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[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Ghost Begs For Ectoplasm In Every Hole – ManyVids | Size – 260.61 MB

Posted in Infinity0Whore on 29 November, 2022

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Full HD-260.61 MB-ghost-begs-for-ectoplasm-in-every-hole.mp4


You’ve moved into a creepy old mansion and you’ve always had a feeling that it might be haunted. One day, you walk into the huge lobby of your new house and are terrified to see a ghost with your own eyes. She’s wearing a long white dress and veil, her skin is the colour of snow and both of her eyes are completely whited out. You are about to run when she asks ‘Is someone there?’. She seems sad and confused, and not at all a threat to you. So you reply.

She immediately recognises that you’re the new man of the house. She explains that she’s fading away from this realm because her late husband has passed on and there’s nothing keeping her soul here anymore. She’s scared and isn’t ready to pass on so she wants your help. She’s heard the other ghosts talking about ‘ectoplasm’ and begs for you to help her remain in this plain.

You’re not entirely sure what ectoplasm is but you notice how hot this ghostly being is. Her dress clings to her curves and you can see her nipples beneath the material. You have an idea. You tell her to start ripping her dress to show off her tits and pussy and you’re surprised when she complies exactly to your request. You begin to realise that you could have some fun here.

You tell the ghost girl that the ectoplasm comes from your full balls. She remembers fucking her late husband and this idea seems to make sense to her so she gets down on her knees and puts your solid cock in her mouth. It’s been a while for you so it doesn’t take long before you shoot your load all over her pale face. To your shock, your load seems to start bringing back her vision. Your cum clearly isn’t ectoplasm so you’re not entirely sure how this has come to fruition – perhaps reminding her of what it was like to be a young woman who enjoys being fucked has started to bring her soul back to life?

She’s begging you for more ‘ectoplasm’ now and her submissive compliance makes your cock immediately hard now. You start to fuck her wet (but cold!) pussy and tell her that you believe she needs ectoplasm in all of her holes in order to fully return to this realm. She’s hesitant – they didn’t do anal in victorian times – but she trusts you now. She bends over and you slip into her tight arsehole.

You fuck her arse hard while she moans about the pain and how big you feel inside her. She asks if it’s safe for you to put ectoplasm inside her butt but you’re too busy gripping her hips and fucking her to answer. She feels your cock swell inside her and you, once again, spill a huge load deep into her arsehole. She pushes your cum out with a messy noise and it squirts all over the lobby. She has her vision back completely now.

She’s overjoyed and begins absolutely begging you for more ectoplasm. You’re getting tired but seeing your cum leak out of her arsehole is too much to resist. You push straight back into her pussy with your ass covered cock and she let’s you fuck her missionary. You’re ready to give her your cum for the third time, but her begging makes you even more desperate to fill her up.

You’re her saviour now and all she wants is more of your cum. She begs you to keep fucking her the whole time that you live here to make sure she stays in this realm. The best thing is, she’ll never tell your wife and there’s no risk of her getting pregnant. She tells you she’s just your little slutty live in ghost now and that you feel better than her husband ever did. It’s too much – you unload for the third time deep into her ghostly cunt.

She holds her pussy open to show your massive load leaking from it, joining the trail of cum leaking from her arsehole. Her face is still covered with you too… She’s smiling now and her dark brown eyes are back. She’s so grateful that you helped her by giving her lots of ectoplasm. This will definitely become a regular occurrence – and fucking a slutty ghost is much more fun than wanking!

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