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House Wife Kelly – 2020-07-10 – The Edge

Posted in SiteRips on 28 May, 2023

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For the past couple of days I have been teasing Shawn’s cock. Every time I walked by him I would grab his cock, when I laid next to him I would rub it, I even had him play with my pussy until I came. He had no relief at all! This day I decided I would give him some relief but it would be a long slow process. I poured some oil on his cock and gentle touched his cock. My fingers tapped, flicked and rubbed his cock. I was in no hurry to make him cum. There is a small part of me that likes to torture guys, hehe. I just got a pedicure and was wearing a toe ring and anklet so I decided to tease hubby with my toes and feet. It has been a while since I’ve done that. I glided my feet up and down his cock nice and slow. I even fluffed up his balls with my cute toes. It really got his cock super hard. He was moaning wanting more and more. I was switching back and forth between my feet and my hands. I wouldn’t show him my tits or pussy, but he had a good view of my cleavage and panties. He was so turned on it was driving him crazy. I had to shorten this video a lot because I let it drag on for long time. I was stroking his cock with my feet only and he just couldn’t take it anymore, his cock finally erupted!! He moaned with satisfaction. So much cum came pouring out!! Wow, all that build up finally being released!! Now it’s your turn to edge out that cock! xoxo~Kelly

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